What is Volume Testing?

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As we have already discussed two type of testing called functional and nonfunctional testing. Volume testing belongs to the NonFunctional testing family. It is part of performance testing in which underdeveloped product operated to a huge volume of data. It is the process to operate the product with concurrent users or system generated loads on a system under test. The goal of Volume testing is to identify the pick load where system performance degrades.


Characteristics of Volume Testing:

  • During the process of development small amount of load is used to test the system.
  • Test cases and scenarios required for Volume testing derived from design document.
  • Some tools must be used to generate the required load on the system.
  • Use of logically correct data for load testing will not matter, we just want to create load on the system to check the performance.
  • After execution of test results need to analyze and improvement idea should be implemented.


Steps for Volume Testing

  • Test Management Document Creation
  • Required Volume Analysis
  • Test Plan Creation
  • Comparison of different performance testing tools
  • Finalized performance test tool procurement should be done.
  • Implementation of performance test tool within organization
  • Test Lab need to build
  • Framework Development
  • Define Test Scenarios
  • Develop test script based on scenarios
  • Execute test scripts
  • Create test report




Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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