What is Usability Testing?

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First we will try to understand what usability is and then we will discuss about usability testing.

So, what comes in your mind when we heard the word usability? Yes, you are right. Usability means the system under test should be user-friendly so that user can perform his/her intended action. In another word, the system should be capable enough to convince the user to accomplish the goal of the user.

Usability is the study of human behavior with the technology. This study requires the knowledge of human behavior, human psychology, and computer engineering. Many times usability engineers work directly with a client to get the feedback and improve the user friendliness of system while developing the system.

Following are the few characteristics of usability

  • Utility
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Learn-ability
  • Retain-ability
  • Errors
  • Efficiency

As per Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen, usability can be defined in following way.

Useful = Utility (System provide the features that user need) + Usability (features should be easy and pleasant to use)


What is Usability Testing?


Usability testing refers the analyzing the behavior of targeted user for the underdeveloped system. In practical life, some task assigned to target audience to perform on the system and analyst observer their way to interact with the system. Points must listen, watched and noted down. Improvement user experience is the goal of Usability testing. Recording the qualitative and quantitative data is important to understand the user satisfaction with the system.


Usability testing comes under black box testing and we need to test speed, layout, and navigation. Sometimes we also need to make comparison with the previous version or competitor systems.


Advantages of Usability Testing

  • Help to produce system with improved quality
  • System will become easier to use
  • More user will accept the system
  • Minimizing the time of learning of new system
  • Conversion improvement can be seen
  • Effective and beneficial


Process of Usability testing

  • Plan the user scenario to achieve business requirement
  • Recruit the target users from the target audience
  • Provide support to each target user for execution of scenario
  • Ask questions to target user about their experience
  • Discuss the different possible solution
  • Report the kind of changes that may help to improve the usability.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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