What is Unit Testing in Software Development?

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As we discussed in our previous post about the validation, now onwards we will gonna discuss a different type of validation method used by industry. Out of different Validation method in this post, we will talk about Unit Testing method. The most liked validation method by the testing community. Reason? Because the testing team is not responsible for it, it is developers who are responsible for unit testing.


So let’s talk about what is unit testing.


Unit testing is done after coding phase and before integration phase where we add a multiple units in on the system. Unit in software modules is like the function, procedure, small program, classes etc.. Testing of these small individual units to verify the fitness of unit is called Unit testing. The unit can be called as a code. It is assumed that the role which has developed this unit can test it in a better way, so mainly developers are responsible for unit testing. In any way, developers need to verify their code is ready for adding up in software. Again developers need to consider while testing code under unit testing. Unit must behave as mentioned in the requirement.


Unit testing main goal to test each and every small part of the software and ensure that all parts are functioning correctly.  In Unit testing developer test about the correctness of small code by giving some input and verifying its output. Error handling also needs to check for a unit.


  • Unit tests help to prove code is working as per expectations.
  • A unit test can help to improve quality at the early stage.
  • Testing at unit level reduces the cost of fixing the defect in the later stage.
  • It could finds more effective than code inspections.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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