What is Test Plan?

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So, let’s start a discussion about Test Plan. As its name indicate, it is a test planning document where we mention scope and objective of the testing activity. If you browse the web, you will identify top notch articles on Test Plan and also some templates (Ready to Use  ). But here I will try to cover most important topics related to the Test Plan.

What is Test Plan?

It is the document describing the scope, approach, schedule and required resources for intended testing activity. In details, it also identifies the items to be tested, items not be tested, entry criteria, exit criteria, risk and mitigation plan.

Types of Test Plan.

Master Test Plan: It is prepared for the project level. Includes testing details about the project. This plan is developed for a single project or multiple projects.

Phase Test Plan: It is prepared for the phase level. Includes testing details about the phased release.

Specific Test Plan: It is prepared for the security / performance level testing. Includes testing details about the security or performance testing activity.

How to write Test Plan?

Introduction: Write few things about the project and goal of the testing activity.

Required Resources: Mention all the resource you gonna use during the testing project. It includes all hardware, software, infrastructure and team.

Testing Module: Need to mention the modules you will test.

No Testing: Mention the list of modules which will not be tested.

Documentation: List of documents will be prepared during the testing project.

Risk and Mitigation: Identify the risk and any dependencies you have. If possible mention the mitigation plan as well.

Result: Here you need to mention the parameter on the basis of which you gonna track the progress of testing. In order to judge the success and failure of the testing project, you need to mention these things.

Test Plan Structure According to IEEE.

According the IEEE software standards 829 – 2008 test plan should contain following things.

Test Plan Template:

Project Name

Prepared by:

Name of Preparer


1. Test Plan Identifier

2. Introduction of Project

3. Test Items

4. Features To Be Tested

5. Features Not To Be Tested

6. Approach of Testing

7. Pass / Fail Criteria

8. Suspension and Resumption Criteria

9. Test Deliverables

10. Testing Tasks

11. Environmental Requirement

12. Roles and Responsibilities

13. Resources and Required Training

14. Schedule

15. Risks and Mitigation

16. Approvals

In future, I will try to upload explaining post for each item in Test Plan. Till then please keep visiting this site. Thanks

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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