What is Test Organization?

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In today’s world, software testing becomes a critical part of software release model. As we know every model have one dedicated phase for testing. But organization were looking it is a cumbersome task and used to perform only some random testing. That too with the help of a developer. No dedicated test professional were involved in the process.


The World has changed now different technologies and platforms, user behavior, user expectations and a wide variety of testing skills. Nowadays companies are trying to deliver more and more quality product in the competitive world. To achieve the expected quality within the system companies are putting various ideas of testing. Like companies are trying to organize testing efforts in following ways.


·  Centralized Testing

In centralized model governance, guidance, standardization and direction provided by managers. This team of managers or managing body is responsible for providing all the stuff required for the testing like product training, tools testing, the environment, metrics available in organization and process improvement ideas.

·  Distributed Testing

·  Federated Model

·  Organizational Model Comparison


Test Team Structure

Tester – Execution of test cases and reporting defects
Test Analyst – Review testable requirements with Business Analyst and help Test Engineer to create test cases.
Lead Test Analyst – Leads the testing team and task allocation.
Test Manager – Lead the project with estimation, billing, deliveries, reporting, and metrics.

Test Director – Tool purchases and business meetings are some of the roles from the list of roles which Test director perform.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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