What is Test Monitoring and Control?

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Till now we have understood the different task associated with testing. There are lot many process and steps which may be adopted by your organization. Adopting the better process of testing will result in a good product but at the same time it may be a time-consuming activity. So it all depend upon the organization how they want to finish the testing task within the project timeline. So monitoring testing task becomes very important. The purpose of test monitoring is to give status and feedback about the test process. The team usually uses different metrics to measure the testing progress. Sometime team manually collects data to monitor the testing progress against the schedule, time and budget.


Different metrics is used to track the progress, some of them are listed follow.

  • Metrics for Test Case Preparation.

  • Metrics for Test Environment preparation.

  • Test Case Execution Report. (Number of test cases Passed / Failed / Not Run / Not Completed)

  • Defect Report. (Open Defects, New Defects, Deferred Defects, Rejected Defects, Fixed Defect)

  • Traceability Matric for monitoring test coverage of requirements.

  • Milestone Date and Schedule.

  • Financial report the testing efforts.

Test Monitoring can be helpful in following way.
  • It helps to show the clear road map of testing efforts to test team and test manager. Help to identify the improvement ideas about the testing process.
  • Help to give visibility about the testing activity to management.
  • Help to compare testing progress against the exit criteria.
  • It draws a clear picture of the testing status, test coverage, and test items.
  • Collected data can be used to do estimation for the future project.
What is Test Control?

Many times project does not follow the path as per decided. Or it may possible that final product is developed something different than planned. If it happens then things around you will change. Knowingly or unknowingly you have added risk in the project. So it becomes very important to control the project during the process.


Test Control is the Test management activity which must be according to the software development process, project, and organization. Test control activity can be performed as per planned or according to the decision of test management team.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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