What is Stress Testing?

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It is the process of identifying the performance of the system under test beyond its benchmark operational capacity. It’s a nonfunctional type of testing and it is a general phrase use to keep the system under stress. This is a type of performance testing and mainly done to determine the reliability and robustness under stress. The goal of Stress testing is to identify the performance of the system under extreme condition.

Following kind of issues can be identified by stress testing.

  • Synchronization between the systems
  • Timings of interaction
  • Interlock issues
  • Priority Issues
  • Resource allocation or lose

Usually, we are aware of the breaking point of the system and in this process we try to increase the stress beyond breaking point and check the response of the system. We don’t expect that system will respond to the stress in the same way it behaves in normal condition, but we expect that system should not corrupt or lose the data.

Stress Testing Process

Test objectives

Your objective behind Stress testing needs to be defined before laying down the testing.

Important scenarios

Need to identify the valid and important scenarios, it will be under stress testing to find the potential testing.

Identify the load (workload)

Identify the load which you want to apply on identified scenarios in previous steps.

Define Metrics

Define the metrics for collecting the data about the system performance.  Base on this metrics problems can be identified and corrective action can be taken.

Test Case Creation

Create test cases for stress testing where we will mention the steps to perform and expected the result for the steps.

Load Simulation

Organization usually uses different tools to simulate the required stress or load on the system. Same tools will also help to analysis the performance by providing different metrics.

Result Analysis

Here we will analyze the metrics provided by the tools.





Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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