What is Scrum Methodology in Agile?

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As per our previous post about Agile Methodology, we observed there are various frameworks are available for developing the software using Agile Development Model. In this post, we will talk about Scrum Processor framework. Every framework in Agile if quite easy but the reason we have selected Scrum is it is adopted by the industry in the wide manner.  So, it makes sense to go through the Scrum.

What is Scrum?

It is the creative and iterative software development framework. The aim is to deliver highest productive value after each iteration of fixed time. Scrum has its own structure, process, documents and rules. You will find some false assumption about this framework that Scrum does not require documentation or all the team members are developers. This is not the case at all, in the below article you will better idea.

Roles in Scrum Team:

  1. Scrum Master: Responsible for following things
  • Scrum Sprint runs in a smooth manner.
  • Finding the solution for removing the obstacle of team members, which will impact productivity.
  • Manage the scrum board and keep all team member on the same page.
  • Checklist for ScrumMaster roles and responsibilities


  1. Product Owner: Role of this user may get change with the organization, but basic of this role is to maximise the productivity of the team by encouraging them. This role also includes managing Product Backlog.
  • Prioritise the backlog Item
  • Explain the product backlog
  • Optimizing the team performance
  • Decides the backlog on which team gonna work during the sprint


  1. Team: Must be cross-functional and self-organizing. The team member should have experience candidates required as per project. The team must have testers, developers, analyst and designers.
  • The team should big enough to complete the task within the sprint.
  • Team size should be in between 5 to 10.
  • To make sure information flowing across the team at the same level, team conducts daily meeting of 15 mints called as Stand-up Meeting.


Just as like any other software development life cycle, Scrum framework also has its own phases as listed below.



Scrum Image



The Sprint

Sprint is nothing but the one iteration, sprint duration remains same till the projects get complete. Changing sprint duration is not allowed in the middle of a project and we can’t start newsprint only after completion of an old sprint. No matter even we have completed a goal of the old sprint we need to close the sprint and start with the new sprint.

Sprint Planning

Task which we gonna complete in the current sprint is defined in Sprint planning. Usually, we go through product backlog and try to identify the task which we have the capacity to complete. Scrum master is responsible for calling Sprint planning meeting. All team member should attend the meeting and try to understand the task on which team will spend the sprint. Here team discuss the product backlog and product owner can provide any clarification is required.

Daily Scrum Meeting

This meeting takes around 15 mins a day and needs to conduct on the daily basis. Every team member has to give update and answers for following questions.

  • What he did yesterday
  • What he will do today
  • Obstacles if any.

The Sprint Review

At the end of each sprint, Sprint Review meeting takes place. Here team review the increment in software which then gone deployed. Sometimes stakeholders also take part in this meeting and try to understand what the sprint has achieved. Progress and getting feedback is the intention behind the sprint review meeting.

The Sprint Retrospective

This meeting takes place after Sprint review meeting and before Sprint Planning meeting. This meeting helps to identify the obstacles faced during a previous sprint. Potential improvements need to identify the in this meeting for next sprint.





Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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