What is Sanity Testing?

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Now it’s time to discuss the sanity testing. I have seen many blogs and interview question sites which talk about sanity testing and creates the confusion. Lots of comments, discussion and arguments can be found for this testing type. But here I am trying to put sanity testing in such a way that, it will create a clear picture of sanity testing. Please use below post by keeping blind trust on this site. Here I have used many different references to writing this post. So forget about any other post which is talking about Sanity testing and refer following post.


So, in fact according to some renowned author of Software testing book, it is mentioned that Sanity testing is nothing but the smoke testing. Many organization use this terminology interchangeable, but the fact is that it is same.


According to experienced bloggers, you will find that Smoke testing and Sanity testing are different. Sanity testing are mainly testing new features with deep testing. Whenever new build is released sanity testing need to perform on the build to verify the bugs and minor changes in functionality are fixed and no adverse effect found. If sanity testing does not go well then testing team may reject the build to save the budget and time on the project.


An example of sanity test, supposed you are testing e-commerce portal and user is not able to add the product in the cart then there is no mean of testing the payment module and spending time on additional steps. Sanity testing is also called as tester acceptance test. It is quite narrow and go into deep, means we are not worried about all the functionality are working or not but few important functionality should work completely.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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