What is Recovery Testing?

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Testing the application response time in failure or crash. Recovery testing is an activity where we test the application recovery time after any unexpected crash or hardware failure. As this is quite an incident testing, which will be performed only when the system faces unexpected crash or failure. For recovery testing, we may need to push the system to failure and check the recovery time. The goal of this testing to check the behavior of the newly developed system in the case of real emergency or natural disaster.

Many organizations are spending billions of dollars and effort for the recovery management system. If recovery testing will not perform on the system, then it would be quite difficult for the organization to know how the system will behave under emergency events and how it will recover from unexpected failure.


Objective of Recovery Testing

  • It helps to ensure the system will operate even after an unexpected failure.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the recovery process are tested in recovery testing.
  • Losing of important data may harm the organization, so data backup process verified.
  • All the steps and process needs to be documented.
  • Need specialized team for handling emergency events.
  • The team may take help from the automated tool.
  • How Recovery testing performed.


Evaluation of recovery process and tools need to perform before take it use into implementation.
Failure need to insert in the environment after a system is developed and ready for use.

Simulators are used to create the real-time system failure.
After failure, recovery testing should be performed with different scenarios.




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