What is Maintenance in SDLC?

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Congratulations, this is the last phase of SDLC and one of the lengthiest phases. Well, it depends upon the kind of agreement management have signed with the client. We can conclude that if you are in this phase means you have developed the software with expected quality, business accepted it and deployed successfully. Maintenance phase starts after the successful completion of the deployment phase.

After the implementation of the system, maintenance phase looks for all the activity that is mandatory to keep the system operational. There are two major types of maintenance corrective maintenance and adaptive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance:

Even after putting extra efforts and expertise on board for developing flawless software, it is practically not possible to have a fault-free system. We do look into the system even after installed in production for defects. The defects popped up during the usage of the system need to be fixed and this type of fixing will fall under corrective maintenance.

Adaptive Maintenance:

It has been observed that user come up with some uncovered requirement which was not a part of the requirement analysis phase, but they got to know new things only after using the system. Usage of the system helps the user to define their requirement more accurately.  This requirement may cause the modification is accepted and installed system, this type of medication fall under adaptive maintenance.

Effective Maintenance required the following things.

  • Understand Existing code and related document
  • Making the changes in code and related documents
  • Testing the changes were done during adaptive and corrective maintenance
  • Retesting all old parts, those were not part of changes.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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