What is Load Testing?

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Load testing is nonfunctional testing and subset of performance testing. Load testing helps to identify the maximum operating capacity of the system under test. At the same time, it identifies any bottleneck which are restricting the system to perform as per capacity.

Increasing the load from a small number of virtual users to numbers till the system reaches it threshold limit, is called load testing. The goal of load testing is to identify the upper limit of the system where the system behaves as per expectation.

Following issues can be identified by Load Testing.

  • Throughput
  • Production Load Peak
  • Adequacy of Hardware and Software
  • Load balancer
  • User handling capacity of the system with optimal performance


Load Testing Examples

  • At once download many files from the web.
  • Run multiple software on computer or server at same time.
  • Take many printouts at once.
  • Store and fetch data from hard disk at the same time.


Load Testing Process

Acceptance Parameter

Identifying performance criteria is the bit tricky at an initial stage of development. Criteria should be flexible in early hours of development and need to keep it flexible. It should balance in between business requirement, an industry standard, used technology and competition.

  • Response Time of Application
  • Throughput
  • Resource Utilization
  • Business Metrics
  • User Load Capacity


Identify Scenarios

Identify valid and important scenarios on following points.

  • Have some performance goals
  • High-risk modules or use case in application
  • Commonly used features
  • Areas which have the significant performance impact.


Create Load

Define the kind of workload the system while have to pass through during testing.


Identify Important Metrics

  • Network Metrics
  • System Metrics
  • Platform Metrics
  • Application Metrics
  • Service Metrics
  • Business Metrics.


Test Cases Designing

Design test cases for the defined scenarios and mention the expected output in each test cases.


Perform Test

Perform the load testing as per the steps mentioned in test cases



Finally, results are with you, you just need to analyze the result and come up with some valuable improvement. Many times tools just provide the number in metrics. You are the one who dig out the metrics and get some important information out of it.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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