What is Internationalization Testing?

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Internationalization, it talks more about the international users ( Also called as I18N). When your application expects visitors from all around the word then it becomes mandatory to perform Internationalization testing. It draws guidelines which can help you to develop an application which is accessible with different languages and at different regions. The primary goal behind Internationalization testing is to ensure compatibility and consistency across all country and languages. This can be achieved by defining a standard baseline.

Difficulties during Internationalization Testing

The test developed for one language need to re-execute for every other language, results increase in the testing efforts. Time-to-market cycles become slow because testing efforts has increased. Coverage and quality of testing performance remain the question for the stockholders. As managing complexity of testing the application on all languages is difficult. We may need to think about the cultural requirements, local requirements and formatting requirements. Need to check user interface with different languages. There is chances functionality which works in one language may not work with other.

What do we test during Internationalization testing?

There should not be any hard-coded string use in the code. Always try to test with the different language by changing the language setting from Computer.
High priority should be given to Numbers, Special Characters, Currencies, for different countries.

Internationalization Complexity Factors

  • Local Data
  • Educational and Outreach
  • Linguistic resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Language Technologies
  • Training
  • Standards
  • Shipping Issues

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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