What is Integration Testing in Software Development?

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Now it’s time to take next step in Validation Testing, As Integration testing is next step so we will talk about it. Till now we have understood the what is validation and steps involved invalidations. Integration Testing is the second step of Validation, it comes after Unite testing and before System testing.

Integration means, bringing all different small components of the same system at one place. This definition is in a content of Software Testing, although Integration has different meanings.

Now, What is Integration Testing?

Integration Testing is the level of testing where small units of software will be integrated and tested. Units of software are already tested in previous level if testing called Unit Testing. This level specifically talks about the combining all those units and testing as a group.

Purpose of Integration Testing

  • Find defects in the interaction of units.
  • Unit Testing test units in the Isolated way.
  • The off-the-shelf system was not developed / tested by our team. So we need to confirm that our developed unit still works well with Off-the-shelf systems.

System testing will become time-consuming if we don’t perform Integration testing at the right time.

Strategies of Integration Testing

  • Incremental Software Integration
  • Top Down
    • Bottom Up
    • Sandwich Increment
  • No Incremental Software Integration
    • Big Band

Methods of Integration Testing

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing

It may require the knowledge of coding for doing white box integration testing, so a developer may get involved in this kind of testing.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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