What is Inspection in Software Testing?

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In general Inspection means the process of evaluating or examines the things. It is also called as the formal practice of examining the things. The output of inspection compared with the set standard or specified requirement, to check whether an item being developed is as per the requirement of not. It is the non-destructive type of testing, it doesn’t harm the product under evaluation.

Inspection in Software Testing

It is the formal review type, and usually leads by the experienced moderator but should not be the author. We need to prepare documents for preparation so that all the team becomes familiar with the topic of inspection. Need to involve peers in inspection meeting. During inspection observations or defects recorded and handed it over to the author for further action. It becomes necessary to perform follow-up post inspection, just to make sure corrective measure are taken.


Advantages of Inspection:

  • It helps author to improve the quality of artefacts
  • Help to remove defects in early stage
  • Improves product quality
  • It brings all team members at one page
  • It helps to prevent the appearance of same kind of defeats again and again.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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