What is Exploratory Testing?

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According to exploratory testing, we need to explore the product and find out what is the software, what are the capabilities of the software, different modules available in software? Which are the module are working flawless and which are the module are having a problem. Tester is responsible for dividing the limited time within the software where tester should spend time and where not. Organization prefers this method when the requirement is not available or time is very limited.


Points to remember during exploratory testing.

  • This process talks more about execution and less about the planning
  • Planning involves creating charter, which guide the tester for exploratory testing
  • During exploratory process tester try to discover, investigate and learn the product.


You can follow following process

1.        Classify the defect

Create list of defect found in the past project with their root cause.

See the risk and define some test cases around the information

2.        Create Charter

What to test? When to test? How much testing needed?

Charter also help to understand how the end user will use the product.

3.        Define time limit

The tester should not take more time than define.

4.        Result Analysis

Analyze the results recorded during the exploratory process.

Evaluation and learning

Have we covered all area?




  • Useful when requirement is not available
  • Useful when new resources are joined in the mid of project
  • Help to uncover defects which are missed by other technique
  • Encourage the thinking process of tester
  • Generate new idea about the execution



  • Effectiveness depends upon the tester experience and skills
  • Need experienced in same domain
  • Not good idea for long time project


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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