What is Deployment in SDLC?

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Finally, the time has come where you will deliver products to the client. This could be considered the last phase of SDLC in many of the cases, of course, if you are not responsible for the maintenance. If you are the part of the maintenance phase then there is one more phase for you called maintenance. Which we will discuss in the next blog post.

The objective of the deployment phase is to make the developed software operational in a live environment. Deployment in the operational environment comes only after the product is fully tested and accepted by the business in the acceptance stage of the testing phase. Here we may need to provide training to the real-time users and post-deployment review is done in this phase.


During the training to the real time, users following points should be covered.

  • Deployment schedule and phases in which deployment planned.
  • Discuss all the benefits user will get by using the new system.
  • If new software is the remake of old software then the difference should be conveyed to the existing users.
  • If we are responsible for support after sales then we should communicate the proper communication channel for support.

Usually, the project manager should responsible for the successful execution of software deployment. Reviewing the deliverable, status of the deployment and reporting to management should be done by managers. Managers are accountable for feeling the deployment checklist and inform change management that deployment is successfully done.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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