What is Defect Severity ?

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In order to know the impact of defect and necessity, we need to define two parameters of defect called as Severity and Priority. In this post, we will talk more about these parameters and their differences. studying these parameters will help to identify the importance of defect, how much it will impact the business and when it should be fixed.

The severity of defect or Impact of a defect is the degree of impact on the quality of the application in a negative way. In other words, we can say that it is the level to which defect can impact the application. As we know, any deviation of the application from the requirement raise the defect. Here severity will help you to identify the impact of the defect on the operation of an application. Before using Severity in use during the defect life cycle, every organization has to define the levels in Severity. Most of the time organization uses four levels of severity, but again it is not the limit. Organization may define it as per their project, tools used for defect tracking, their practice, and requirement.

Level 1: Critical: We say defect have severity critical if the application can’t be access because of a defect. It may be possible that any single module or entire application is impacted by the defect. Data corruption, System failure considered as Critical Severity defect.

Level 2: Major: We called defect have Severity level Major if the system is unable to use, but here the alternative is available to get the required output result.

Level 3: Minor: Defect Severity will be Minor if the defect will not impact application usage. If a user is able to use the system without any problem even after defect present in the system we called it a minor Severity Defect.

Level 4: Cosmetic: You can easily guess the meaning of this level. If the defect is not related to the functionality of the application and only impacts the visibility of the application is called cosmetic defects. Color mismatch, minor spelling mistakes, alignment of buttons and all.

Many time developer and tester are not on the same page for the severity of a defect. In real time project, you may face such issue where you have reported defect as Critical severity and developers reject defect saying it is not a Critical defect. So be conscious while assigning the defect severity.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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