What is Defect Report?

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In this post of defect report sample, I will show you the defect report and try to explain you each element available in it. You need to keep in mind, different companies uses different defect report. So it may possible that you have seen some defect report with different elements. But here I will try to cover all the best possible elements available in any report.

Once a tester has found some deviation in a requirement and the application tester need to report this deviation in defect report. It becomes very important to have precise defect report so that developer from a team can understand the defect. The developer should be able to reproduce that defect in the same way tester has found it. Also, defect report should carry all the element required by the developer while dealing with the defect.

Defect ID : It should be unique and help to identify the defect.

Project Name : Name of the project from where you have found the defect.

Product Name : Name of the Product from where you have found the defect.

Product Version : Product Version

Module : Module of the product where defect is present

Build Number : Product Build Number.

Summary : Summary of the Defect. Short and Simple.

Description of Defect : You need to mention defect description In this area. Need to be in the detail.

Steps to Reproduce : Using this steps developer will reproduce these defects. So make it more clear and precise.

Actual Result : Result you have received after following the steps.

Expected Results : Expected result and it comes from the requirement

Attachments : Here you need to attach the screenshot of the defect and if available Logs will also do.

Remarks : Any special instruction that can be helpful to the developer.

Defect Severity : It is a level which counts the impact of the defect on the application.

Defect Priority : It is a level which decide the priority of the defect.

Reported By : The name of the person who reported the defect.

Assigned To : Developer who is looking into this defect. Usually lead assign it.

Status : Some important defect status could be New, Open, Fixed, Differed, reopen and Closed.

Fixed Build Version : Version number where the fix is deployed by the developer.

Few things while reporting the defect. Your defect report must contain following things.

•    Specific

•    Detailed

•    Objective Oriented

•    Reproducible

•    Review it before submitting

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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