What is Dataflow Testing?

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Till now we have understood about the black box testing and their different type. In this post, we will discuss Dataflow testing, which is one of the types of white box testing. In our previous post of white box testing, we have seen in order to perform white box testing we need coding knowledge. As this, testing deals mainly with an internal structure of the program. As data flow is one of the ways of doing white box testing, so here we will use our coding knowledge to test the data flow within the program.


Dataflow Concept:

Most of the product uses the variables to make the data flow within the program. The program may use multiple variables to calculate values for different variables. Now these variable gets some values from the user interface or sometimes from different sources. This complexity makes a program with full of risk. So testing these variable data flow make sense and Dataflow testing concept can be used to test all the variables from the program.


Levels of Dataflow Testing:

  • Static data flow testing

o    Identifying Potential Defects within the program.

o    Analyzing code for defects

o    Code will not be executed


  • Dynamic data flow testing

o    We will execute the program

o    Looks like a control flow testing

o    List out the path need test


About Variables:

There are two types of variable in a program called use and definition occurrence.

Definition Occurrence: Values are assigned to variables.

Use Occurrence: Values are used in the program from other variables.

Predicate Use Occurrence: Value of these type of the variable will be used to in execution path.

Computational Use Occurrence: Value of variable will be used to calculate the value of another variable.

Def-Use Pair Variable: It is a pair of Definition Occurrence and Use Occurrence.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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