What is Configuration Testing?

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Configuration Testing is one of the most time-consuming testing practice, where we try to test underdeveloped system on various combinations of hardware and software systems. In other words in configuration testing we access the system under development in different combinations of hardware and software environment. Functional acceptance test cases are usually created and executed on different combinations of software and hardware system. We can easily guess the efforts required to test the product on different OS, Database, Hardwar combination, Memory Size, different browsers, and their versions. So practically it is the impossible thing.


What is the Solution?

We discussed the practical problem we may face after starting the Configuration testing manually. So what discussing about solution make sense. By looking towards the complication within systems, competition within competitor, time factor and cost involvement in infra required in configuration testing, organizations are preferring automation.


Hardware Configuration Testing

This testing required specially developed test lab with a large number of machines with the different combination of hardware configuration. When the developer releases any build, specific build needs to install and perform acceptance testing on each combination. The team may take help of automation to install and perform the testing on the particular combination. Setting up specialized test lab for configuration testing is quite high, so organization prefer to outsource their need to the specialized organization.


Software Configuration Testing

We say this type of testing is time-consuming, as installing and uninstalling different software as per our requirement takes time. So, that is the reason Software Configuration Testing is also done with the help of automation.


Process of Configuration Testing

  • Matrix needs to develop which will cover all possible combinations where we will test the application.
  • This matrix needs to update with prioritization. It makes sense to execute configuration testing in prioritizing manner, as it is impossible to perform configuration testing with each and every combination.
  • Test for every acceptance criteria on the prioritizing basis.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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