What is Coding in SDLC?

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Once we start working on software development, Coding or Development is the third phase of SDLC. This phase is the third step of the software development life cycle and comes after requirement analyses and Designing.

In designing phase we have already taken all the major decision regarding the system, now it’s time to develop the physical system. We will consider designing phase output as input for the coding phase. The basic role of this phase is to convert design into code using the programming language decided in the designing phase. The well-developed code in this phase can help to reduce the efforts required in testing and maintenance. But even we make any silly mistake; it may lead us to put extra efforts in testing and maintenance.

If we see it in a business perspective, the cost for testing efforts and maintenance is much higher than coding. So it always makes sense to spend time on the coding phase. Here all developers write their own code and merged with other developer’s code to make sure that all modules developed by different developers interact with each other as per expectations. This is one of the longest phases in the software development life cycle.

Few points which we need to take care in this phase.

  • Version control application required in this phase.
  • Before beginning the actual coding, you should spend some time on selecting development tool, which will be suitable for your debugging, coding, modification and designing needs.
  • Before the actual writing code, some standard should be defined, as multiple developers going to use the same file for coding.
  • During development, the developer should write appropriate comments so that other developers will come to know the logic behind the code.
  • Last but most important point. There should be a regular review meeting need to conduct in this stage. It helps to identify the prospective defects in an early stage. Helps to improve product and coding quality.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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