What is Business Requirement Testing?

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Business Requirement Testing?
I personally know many professionals who think testing comes into picture only after development. If there is no development done then testing team don’t have anything to work on. This is what a common perception I have observed over the period of my experience.

First I would like to reveal one important fact in front of you, as you are reading this article means you are very much interested in knowing how requirement can be tested and why? Right?

So, you would be surprised by hearing that most of the defect in the system is due to inaccurate and ambiguities in business requirements. No matter how developer have developed the code, if there is ambiguities are present in requirement it will result from the system with full of bugs.

What if you test business requirement document for all ambiguities and incompleteness? If you test the requirement early phase it will be helpful for developing the stable system. We have already learned that cost of fixing the defect is less if we fix it in an early life cycle. Here whatever problems you will identify in requirement document will be fixed at that stage only before starting development. In this way, we will save time and cost and efforts of the team.

How can you test the requirement document?
We can define standards and testing requirement against those standards. If you have checked all the requirements with the defined standards then we can freeze our requirement. The finalizing requirement can be considered as a green signal for the further development process.

Let’s take an example while reading the requirement of one web application you got one sentence “After clicking the Search button, the result should be displayed as early as possible”. How will you test this requirement? What should be the standard result display time? What time is correct to display results? This types of question should be answered by the requirement document.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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