What is Beta Testing in Software Development?

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Just like Alpha testing, Beta testing is also a part of Acceptance testing. Beta testing also called as a field testing. The reason could be Beta testing mainly performed in the customer-controlled environment. Stakeholders or business or customer is responsible for conducting Beta testing. A sample of the intended audience asked to perform Beta testing in real life environment.


The aim behind performing beta testing ensure software is simplifying the life of the user. Here real user will perform the testing and find out issues and flaws in the system, which would have not possible from development and testing team.


Closed Beta: Beta release is provided to a limited number of users or invited users.

Open Beta: Beta release is provided to all audience or large group. Finding defects is not the only reason behind performing beta testing, suggestion for addition features are also invited.


Advantages of Beta

  • The quality of the product improves by adding user feedback on the complete product.
  • It ensures the release readiness
  • It happens prior to release. Some time before a week or sometimes on the day of release.
  • Timeline varies and it depend upon the target audience we have identified.
  • Tested in a real world with the real customer.
  • Critical defects identified in this process would be fixed in same release.
  • Defects which are not critical can be fixed in next release.


Entry Criteria for Beta Testing

  • Signoff document from Alpha Testing team
  • Team should be ready with Beta version of product
  • Environment should be ready
  • Tool should be ready to report the defects and observation


Exit Criteria for Beta Testing

  • All types of defects either closed or noted down as a change request for next release.
  • The real-time user should provide the feedback and report should be ready for same.
  • Beta Test summary report should be ready.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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