What is an Error Guessing Testing?

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What is an Error?

When computer produced an incorrect result is called an Error.

When software does not do what it is supposed to do then we say software has an error.


What is an Error Guessing?

The technique used to identify the defects in the system on the prior experience of domain or project is called Error Guessing Testing technique. This technique use testers experience about the system, so mainly experience tester does this type of testing. There is no specific way of doing this testing only previous skills matters. Testers involved in this testing mainly spend time on identifying the error-prone modules or area. After identifying the area based on their previous experience of the system, they start dealing with the test data and test cases.


Some testers are good in executing test cases and some are good in dealing with the new system without the test case. So usually this technique used by the organization after the completion of all formal testing. This technique helps to identify the defects which were not identified by the normal test execution process. Its success depends upon the experience of tester on that project because experience tester knows where the problem may exist and how it can be opened.


One of the ways of doing this technique is to identify the defects or problematic area from the system.  It is easily available from the defect management tool and make a list of the failure area and defects. The tester needs to have understanding of the cause of the failure then the tester can perform effective error guessing.


Following things can lead you Error Guessing Practice.

  • Learning from the previous project or release.
  • Defects identified during testing activity
  • Checklist
  • User Interface
  • Test Execution Report
  • Risk Review Report


Examples of Error Guessing

  • Try to enter blank space in input fields
  • Try to enter data greater than expected
  • Use mixture of number, characters and special characters


Consider this type of testing with formal testing activity, you cannot depend on only this type of testing.


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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