What is Alpha Testing in Software Development?

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Alpha test is the type of acceptance testing, but it is mainly performed at the developers end. In the real world, Alpha testing performed in two phase. Phase I will be performed by developers in the development environment. After fixing minor defects in Phase, I it is released to Testing team for Phase II testing. Here testing professional perform Alpha testing for finding defects. It is considered as White box testing as well as black box testing.


There is situation, the customer may involve in Alpha testing. Alpha testing is one of the important type of testing and after this level, the testing team will not have any control over the system. Alpha testing would be last level of testing where the testing team is involved. But it doesn’t mean testing will not be performed on the system after alpha testing.


Product development companies usually follow the Alpha testing practice. Off-The-Shelf software development companies usually hire Alpha testers and those are responsible for Alpha testing. Successful execution of Alpha testing is considered as an entry point for Beta testing.


Entry Criteria for Alpha Testing

  • Availability of Software Requirement Documents
  • Test Cases should cover all the requirement.
  • Alpha Testing team should have better knowledge of application under test
  • Test Environment should be up and running for Alpha Testing. Which should be a replica of a live environment.
  • Build is ready for testing
  • Test Management tool should be available for reporting defects and executing test cases.
  • Traceability Matrix should be ready and ensures that each and every requirement is covered by test cases.


Exit Criteria for Alpha Testing

  • Test Case execution is completed with pass status.
  • High priority and severity defects are in closed status and the related test case is in pass status.
  • Test Summary report should be prepared
  • Make sure that no more additional features are included after Alpha release.
  • Signoff document of Alpha Test Phase.



Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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