What is Ad-hock Testing?

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Ad-hoc means something which is not processed or methodical or structured.  As we are talking about Ad-hoc testing, it is behavioral or black box testing technique. Tester performing Ad-hoc testing usually does not have to follow any defined process. This technique talks about the testing the application under test in an informal way. This process does not ask to write test cases with any test case design method, in fact here we don’t write any test case. This testing performed by the tester which have good knowledge of the system. Testing the system without test cases and the business requirement is performed. It is the form of Error guessing testing

Types of Ad-Hoc testing

Buddy Testing: It is performed after unit testing where developer and tester seats together to develop system without flaw.

Pair Testing: Two testers perform testing on the same system with the same environment.

Monkey Testing: Testing the system without test case and intention with breaking the system.

Performing this testing will be time-consuming and wastage of time if not follow some better approach of doing it. Following things need to take care of while planning for it.

Step 1: You should be aware of defect-prone areas, try to concentrate on it first.

Step 2: You should have expert tester to perform this type of testing

Step 3: Prioritize the module before starting this activity. Module which has more risk and more visible to user try it out first.

Step 4: Draw some guideline or plan for taking up the module for testing.

Step 5: Record the steps you have performed while finding the defects.

Many time it is difficult for reproduce the defect reported using this testing technique. So it is wisely suggested to create the draft of steps performed during the testing.

Advantages of Ad-Hoc test

  • The tester performs this testing without test cases and business requirement.
  • Most effective way of testing when time is constraint
  • Sometime Test suit becomes noneffective then this test case method helps to find the defect.

Disadvantages of Ad-Hoc test

  • Less organized than any other type of testing
  • Tester may miss out the major or important scenario
  • Can’t estimate the time require for this testing complete cycle.
  • This is no proof of execution or report.
  • Many time it happens defect found by this technique is not reproducible.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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