What is a Business Requirement ?

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It is structured document of project requirement which defines the deliverable of the project. The intention behind developing this document is to drive the software development process and assist the project management team. It is the comprehensive document which hold the requirement of business and operation.

While developing new project client mention their expectations and the objective document called a business requirement. That document helps us to define the functional requirement. The journey of a business requirement to functional requirement have one more station called a user requirement. If I am making you confuse then below table will help you to understand how business requirement, user requirement and functional requirement are developed.

Business Requirement:
Includes vision of project under development.
Developed with the help of stakeholders input.
Define the clear scope of a project.
Objective and expectations are clearly mentioned.

User Requirement:
It is developed end user point of view.
The goal of the user behind using this product is define.
User inputs and outputs mentioned.

Functional Requirement:
Define how a system should function.
Operations characteristics of the system are defined.

It acts as a communication document within the management team and client. So it becomes priority task to develop Business Requirements document in the simple, concise and clear way so that everyone should understand the exact need of a client. It define the ultimate goal of the project and not how to build that project, so it makes more sense to add only business requirement stuff in this document. It should be logical enough so that we can use this document as input for next document.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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