Waterfall Model Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages of Waterfall Development Model

1.       Model required fulfilment of one phase unless it will not allow going to the next phase.

2.       All the testing and modification is done is the same phase, chances of defect multiplication reduced.

3.       In this model, we do a lot of paperwork as compared to other models. Hence, referenced documents are available through the project life.

4.       When new team member joins, referenced documents help them to understand the project.

5.       It is the quiet straight forward model and knows in which phase the project is.

6.       The project with short span time can be developed with this model in better quality.


Disadvantages of Waterfall Development Model

This model has more disadvantages than its advantages. That’s why industry came up with different.

1.       This model doesn’t suitable for randomly changing requirement.

2.       No alteration in requirement is expected.

3.       Time of resources is wasted like during the designing phase developers are ideally sitting. Because till designing is not completed we cannot process with development as per the principle of Waterfall model.

4.       The testing time comes quite later. That is against the principle of software testing.

5.       Takes lot of time to change and update the project documents.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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