V Model Advantages and Disadvantages

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V model is one of the most useful and important software development model in the industry. From this, the model organisation started considering testing as an integral part of development. This model teaches us how to make effective use of testing from the early stage of development. This is best suitable if requirement and acceptance criteria are clearly defined and size of the system is small to medium.

Advantages of V-Model Development

  • Progress goes in very systematic way.
  • Best suitable for small and medium size projects.
  • Testing starts from requirement phase.
  • Easy to keep track on progress.

Disadvantages of V-Model Development

  • Not suitable for bigger and complex projects
  • Not a good option If Requirement changes frequently.
  • The client sees the only final project, not intermediate modules.
  • Don’t scope for risk management and risk mitigation.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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