Types of Testing

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Till now we have understood that testing is the integral part of any software development project. Negligence of testing during software development process may lead the project towards the unpredictable completion time. There is more chance of developing the unstable product. So it makes it very important to make testing as an integral part of your development activity.

As we know every product or system under development has different objective. Nowadays by looking towards the complexity of systems and competitions we need to make the release of the new feature in the very short time frame. During this race against time, our system accommodates high risk of failure so it becomes important to introduce testing in the development model.

As time frame was given to testing somehow sacrificed with the development and release plan. Many time it happens development date is fixed and the developer takes extended time to develop the system. Which impacts on a testing timeline. In order to test the system effective way with quality within the limited time, we need to use different types of testing. Well, selection of testing type is done during the planning phase itself. Some of the best and most useful types of testing we are discussing in this section.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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