Types of Business Requirement Documents

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The need of business is conveyed to the development team using business requirement document. In order to get the clear picture what client wants to develop, the requirement document must be accurately and clearly mention.

In this post, we will talk about the different types of requirement document in practice in the industry. Many time we have seen organization develop their own requirement template.

Business Requirements Document 
The high-level business requirement in mentioned in this document. It also called as Business need specification. Mainly prepared by the business analyst or manager. Business idea behind starting this project is mentioned in this document.

Functional Requirements Document
What kind of services are expected by the business from the system is mentioned here. The sometime analyst also try to use wire diagram to explain the text description in the better manner. Inputs, outputs, database, events are mentioned in this document.

Quality Requirements Document 
Acceptance criteria are mentioned in this document in quality perspective. Testing parameters are mentioned in this document like accessibility, response time, portability, reliability and many more parameter may be included in this document. In another word, this document cover the functional and non-functional requirement of a system.
Technical Requirements Document 

Technical configuration requirement is mentioned in this document. Hardware, software or any specific platform requirement for the system development will be available. Which database we should use, which programming language suggested by the client to develop this project. Hardware configuration, processors, network management etc.

User Interface Requirements Document 
Very important document in terms of the usability of the system. It talks more about look and feel of GUI of a system. This document will also guide to a positioning of all the elements of GUI. Header, footer, input fields, the error message will be guided by this document. Accessibility and how the user will use this event will be mentioned here. How the content will be presented, how it should be displayed, color combination, navigation will be a part of this document. How to present the tips and help section to the user and different shortcut keys for the user is recorded in user interface requirement document.

Market Requirements Document 
The end user of the system and their requirement is available in this document. Detail expectations of the end user are mentioned here rather than the business requirement.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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