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It’s amazing!!!

Yes, it’s really amazing that you are reading this blog. Because this blog post will not hide some interesting and simple ways of making money through blogging. Yes its simple and we believe every individual has potential to make money from blogging. The only eligibility to earn money from blogging is, you should have thought to make some extra money online. Yes that is the only eligibility and rest of technical knowledge which you must have, we will deliver it to you. Don’t you see its bit simple?

Get to know the difference between Blog and Website

So let’s start with some basics. I will start with some questions and you just think of the answer. You can mention your answer in comments section with question number. Once you posted all your answer in comment section then read my answers below the questions.


  1. You want to earn money in smart way and not in hard way. Right?
  2. What would like to have if you have more than enough money?
  3. Can you right something related to your hobbies / interest / passion?
  4. Are you ready to put some extra efforts from your daily life to work on the area you like?


  1. Of course, many of us want to make money and some of us are already making it. Like me 😊.

But some people who are making money online, don’t mentioned how they are doing it. They just earn it and keep it with them, don’t disclose the stuff. Pearson seating beside you must be making online money but they may not disclose it to you. And online money is easy to earn and hard to grow. So, lets start earning first and in next blog we will discuss about growing it.

  • Yes, this question has great potential to find your interest / your likes / your personality. We are growing in such society where we need to do what we don’t like to do to survive and to live better life. But we have amazing surprising option for you to make money using your interest and passion. That could be anything like sports, trekking, travelling, cooking, singing, dancing, reading or anything which you would like to do. Now you can bring your passion as a lead role in your online earning journey.
  • Whatever you like to do, just do it and start making soft copy of things which you are doing. Yes. It’s simple. If you like cooking, cook it and while cooking make copy of the things which you are doing. Like ingredients, process, steps and serving / platting techniques. If you like to travel, then just start your travel and start writing about history of place, best hotels for stay in that area, best restaurant to have local food, travel option, best places to visit in that area, best season to visit, everything about the places in fact.
  • Now you are doing what you want to do from long. You have everything in soft copy. Now its high time to generate money to do your favorite things from the soft copy you have made while doing those wonderful activities. How does it sounds? Yes, you can make money from this idea and do not thing you are the only one who is doing this great idea. I have listed out some of the blogger who has devoted their life in the things which they like to do and make money from it.

Believe me my friends, you can make handsome money and enjoy your passion thorough your life only if you follow the paths or steps mention above. You will not do blogging for a long just to make money online from blog. One day you will left it. Instead I would urge you guys to bring passing into it. You will enjoy your life. If you like my ideas then please do share it with you friends and bring them in stream.

Thanks in advance for linking and sharing our post.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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