Test Automation Advantages and Disadvantages.

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In the last post, you might have observed I was only talking about how automation can help you in simplifying the testing process for your large project. Also how automation helps you to achieve the execution target on time with quality and effective way. While talking about the advantages of automation, it doesn’t mean automation does not have any disadvantages. So, I thought to let’s make one more post which will cover the advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we will talk about Automation advantages and disadvantages.


Repeatable: Execution of the same set of automation test cases is possible.

Reusable: We can re-use the same set of automation test cases on a different version of an application and also the same version of an application on a different browser.

Reliable: Automation is nothing but the program. If it is written as per expectation, then there are no chance automation program will do anything which is not written. If any program working for you, it will work with the same efficiency for the long time.

Quality Software: Automation can allow us to spend more time where automation cannot reach.

Cost Factor: Automation can replace our manual repeated tasks. Ultimately it will reduce the costing of the project.

Correct Estimation: After some iteration of Automation, we would be aware of the exact time required for the execution. So you can estimate with more accuracy.


Wrong expectations: Team keeps a lot of expectation from the automation tool. We need to understand it is just a program which will do what it is asked to do.

Wrong Costing: In initial days of framework development and converting manual test case in automation test cases takes time. And as this is the first time testing team implementing the automation, this can lead the inaccurate estimation.

Results False Sense of quality: Automation program will do only things which we have developed. As automation does not have its own brain to sense the defect and test accordingly.

Not a replacement of Actual Testing: It is not the replacement of Actual testing, Manual testing can be more interactive and innovative while testing. We cannot expect innovation from the automation while execution.

Maintenance Time: If an application changes, we need to send separate time to update the automation scripts.

Less No of Bugs Identified: Automation will execute same test cases again and again, so over the period of time Automation will become less effective.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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