Why you should start learning Test Automation Now?

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If you are a manual tester or working as a functional test professional then this is a must-read article for you!

Nowadays you might have observed functional testing openings for fresher’s or newcomers are shrinking like the way it raised a decade before. Growth always depends on demand and supply formula. The demand for manual testing professionals is decreasing and supply increased like anything.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process where we check the functionality of an application is as per requirement or not. Majorly Software testing is classified in two checks, one check is to verify software must do what it is supposed to do and one check is to verify software should not do what it is not supposed to do. I won’t write more things to explain to you what is software testing. If you are reading this article then you are well versed with Software Testing process.

Manual Testing or Automation Testing?

This is the area which needs discussion, we can do software testing in two ways one is Manual and one is with the help of some software application we usually called it as Test Automation. I have discussed with different functional testers, but over the period they start feeling demotivate when they compare their salary, respect within the team, the difference in increment at the year-end with automation testers. Off course, exceptions are always there. If you are happy with your profile of manual tester and want to grow with it then, you can start reading my other post to make money online through blogging.

Please continue to read this post if you want to challenge and inspiring testing career ahead.   

Manual Testing Pain Points

  • We need to test the same application multiple time

This is the main concern over the period of time. As a manual tester, we reduce effectiveness by testing the same application again and again.

  • Regression testing is big challenge

At the end of each release development, we need to perform regression testing to identify the impact of development.

  • Pressure of completion of testing

Developer may get some additional time for development but testers are always in pressure of test completion.

  • Coverage testing

While working in the time constraints, we need to plan for better coverage

  • Responsibility

Many time we know we have sacrifice the planned testing process, still, we need to take the responsibility of the quality of the application.

Salary and Demand Difference

Automation Tester Salary
Manual Tester Salary

I read somewhere, money is the biggest motivational factor. I believe it is true as well. We all work for money and some fill satisfaction in the job and some are not happy with the work they do. I have shared the hourly rate of the manual tester and automation tester. Automation test professional can make double of what manual tester is making.

That’s why we are encouraging all manual tester to upgrade their Test Automation skills and change the career path from manual tester to automation tester.

Future of Manual and Automation testing professionals

As time passing, the importance of manual tester is sinking. Almost all the companies are helping manual tester to skill up their manual testing knowledge to upgrade to test automation. The reason is simple, in future only manual testing skills will not help you. As there are dozens of test automation tools are available in the market and growing day by day. So, if you have crossed 2 years of experience in manual testing, then this is must for you.  

List of Best Automation training for a manual tester to upgrade their knowledge.

Selenium Online Course / Training

Selenium Certification Training Course is designed by Selenium Automation Experts. This selenium certification course covers Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Web Iframes and new web elements. This online selenium course includes TestNG Framework, Gherkin and cucumber for BDD environment. You will get a chance to work on the most popular Selenium test automation frameworks. Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, Data-Driven Framework, and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework, all four types of the framework are covered in this online Selenium Training. Real-time case studies are part of this training.

Test Complete Online Training

TestComplete  – We have second on our list. One of the top-rated test automation tool and same test automation tool can help you to automation web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications. This tool is in high demand because of easy learning and fast implementation. Smartbear is the parent company of TestComplete

Ranorex Online Training

The beauty of Ranorex test automation tool is, you can use it smoothly even if you are not a technical resource. It is one of the most powerful test automation tool in the industry. Usage of Ranorex testing tool is quite simple, just record and playback. You can record the application step by step, an application under test could be desktop, web application or mobile app.

Ranorex Online training from professional includes all the component of Ranorex tool like Ranorex Recorder, Ranorex Spy, Object Repository, Code Editor, and Debugger.

Advance JMeter Online Course

JMeter tool is one of the most important test automation tool in the industry. The reason is quite simple, it is open-source, easy to use and help you to perform performance testing, load testing distributed testing and functional testing too.

Learning JMeter Online can help you in all the vertical like functional and non-functional testing.

Mobile App Test Automation Course

Edureka’s mobile appium testing training will help you to understand the basics of mobile app testing. Appium online training covers both native and hybrid mobile application. We are recommending this course because the mobile application market is growing like anything.  As per Statista.com it is growing like 385%.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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