Spiral Model Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages of Spiral Development Model

1.       Changes in the requirement are accommodated during the development.

2.       Prototype usage allows at the extreme level.

3.       Requirement recorded with more accurate

4.       Clients get a chance to see the product in the early stage.

5.       Risk management is good in this project. ( Ex: As development is done is parts we can develop the more risk feature in the early stage.

6.       Perfect for the product with complex functionality.

7.       Changed feature or new feature can be added in the later stage of development.

Disadvantages of Spiral Development Model

1.       Risk identification and mitigation plan are important steps so may require more expertise and experience.

2.       Not suitable for small product development

3.       Management of documentation required special attention

4.       Time-consuming, so expensive.

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