Software Testing as a Career

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If you are thinking of Software Testing as a Career, then this article will help you to make the decision. It will act as your guide and explain you the pros and cons if you select Software Testing as a Job or career path.

Let’s start

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process of verifying the application under test to check whether it is functioning as per the requirement or not. We can divide the software testing process in two ways, First, we check whether is software is doing what it is supposed to do and the second way we need to check whether it is not doing what it is not supposed to do.

When you follow these approaches for software testing, you will identify the deviations and we may consider it as defects or bugs or error in the application under test. Over the period those deviations will be removed from the application and it will ultimately help us to improve the quality of an application.

Qualities of Software Testing Professional?

When we talk about the quality of software testing professionals then it should be very dynamic. If we go in details to discuss the quality of Software Testing professional, then we can divide it into two major part. First part is Technical, and the second part is Analytical. 

Technical Skills Required for Manual Testing Professional

  • Complete understanding of SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle
  • Detail understanding of STLC – Software Test Life Cycle
  • Complete knowledge of Defect Life Cycle
  • Good to know Excel formulas and creating charts and pivot table

Technical Skills Required for Automation Test Engineer

  • Knowledge of Programming Language
  • OOPs Understanding
  • Core Java (If you would like to go with Selenium)
  • VB scripting (If you would like to go with UFT)
  • Bean shell Scripting (If you would like to Learn JMeter).
  • Junit and TestNG Framework
  • Build tool like Maven
  • CI/CD tools like Jenkins
  • Good to have an understanding of SOAP and REST API

Note – JMeter is open source and has a high demand. It can be used for functional and non-functional testing like performance testing.

Non-Technical Skills required for Manual and Automation Test engineer.

Communication Skill – It must be good, you should have good verbal and written communication skills. The reason is simple, everything to communicate within the team should be clear and not be confusing.

Time Management – Software tester should be good in time management. He has to look into a lot of issues simultaneously and still need to deliver it on time.

Attitude – It is a popular term in Software Testing industry, “Test To Break Attitude”.  While testing application, you should be able to check whether the software is not doing what is not supposed to do. What software has to do that can be checked by anyone, the analytical skills required when.

Software Testing Education Requirement

Software test engineer should have a graduate degree in any field. Educational or academic background required for a software testing professional is not as such strict criteria.  

Any technical graduate degree can be helpful for you to start a career with Software Testing.

Certification for Software Testing Engineer

Frankly speaking, very few companies follow the guideline mentioned by the international standard board. So, qualifying certification exam would only help you to showcase your knowledge in the interview. But in future, you will have to follow the culture of the company. Very few companies change their way of working.

Software Testing Fresher Salary

It depends on which company you are starting your career. If you are starting with CMM Level company, then you can expect somewhere around 15000 pm to 30000 pm in India. But if you are starting your career with startup then it would much lesser than the mentioned amount.

No one can predict how you will climb the ladder. But one thing is sure, if you go with test automation using Selenium or JMeter then the sky is limit.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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