How to do SEO for your blog or business website?

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Do you want to Search Engine Optimization for your blog or business website on your own? Do you want to rank your blog or website when someone searches for you or your product or services? In this blog post, I will try to present you some important SEO tips for 2019-2020 you should consider while doing SEO for your blog or business website.

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1. Content

Undoubtedly Content is still king in 2019 and there is no sign that it will depreciate nearby soon. As Google is a content-based search engine and they identify the pages based on the content present in it to show it to users. So, meaning it’s a bit difficult to say that content will go away from ranking factor soon.

If Content is King and it will remain for future as well then, why not to concentrate on it then? Does it make sense to you? In the early days quality of the content was very much appreciated but my tips suggest quantity is equally important. If you perform analysis for any keyword, then you will observe content with great length dominates the result.

2. Social Share

Sharing your content on social sites with eyecatcher pictures creates a great impact. Always try to share your content on all possible social sharing sites. Every site has different types of visitor base with different interests, you should tweak your heading of content, so it can suit the platform and visitors. It is an industrial practice to post the same content again and again after the interval with a different heading.

Getting visitor is not the sole purpose of sharing content on social sites, inviting crawler on site and increasing the count of a backlink is also one of the important reasons. Getting links from a social site with high traffic give a boost to your site ranking, it is happening since last year and in 2019 it will continue with its contribution.

3. Link Building

Do not ever stop your backlink generation practise, keep it alive all the time. Of course, you can change the way you generate the backlinks but never stop it. Year and year changes happen in practice but no has dared to stop it. It acts as the fuel of your ranking. At max, if you are really want to minimize the efforts in backlink then, I would suggest doing some analysis and target for high-quality backlinks and the quantity.


Latest and important ranking factor. It is the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This protocol is used by the browser to communicate with the server where your website is hosted. By default, all the website works on HTTP. But since last year Google also giving priority to the security of the website and to make it secure we need to make our website protocol secure by installing SSL certificate on our server. If you are not technical then it may sound like rocket science to you. But believe me, we need to not spend time on it, because it’s once time activity and your hosting provider can help you to make your website secure. So, to make your website secure you need not do a job, just pick up the phone and dial to your hosting provider. Mentioned to them that you want “S” in HTTP. they will understand the do the job for you.

5. Get ready for Voice Search

Started with silent but will boom the future, voice search. Try to make your content and heading search-friendly. So that when some on in future use voice search, your website or blog should rank. How you will dot it? Its simple game if you understand how we use Google Voice search…


I won’t go out for dinner, for searching for a restaurant in my area I will put “Veg restaurant in Andheri” right?

Now for the same request If I want to use voice search then I may speak like “hey google, please suggest me veg restaurant in Andheri near the railway station” right?

So, be prepared there is a crowd who search with voice and put the complete sentence in search, so your content should be optimized for all type of words which may include in voice…

My tips will definitely help you to get a good rank for your personal blog or business website in 2019. Keep reading and sharing my blog for future updates.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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