How To Rank Website On Google?

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Ohh… You must be one of those online business owner who want to take advantage of internet to grow their business. Or you must be a technical champ who want to know how to rank website in Google’s front page and make money by providing same service to other business Or you must be from the group of people who want to earn passive income by seating at home and working with own space. If you are not from this above mention group then still, this article has something for everyone who knows internet.

Coming to the topic of discussion “How To Rank Website on Google’s Front Page”. Before betting in depth discussion lets discuss technical terminology used for this process and benefits of ranking website in search engine.

In fact, the process of ranking website on search engine front page is called Search Engine Optimization and it is more popular with abbreviation “SEO”. Even if you want to rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing or on any other search engine it is called SEO.

There is a define process which you need to follow to Rank your website on top of search engine result page. The process is called SEO. The keyword for which you want to rank your website on top will define the future of business in coming years. Identifying correct keyword for which you want to rank your website on search engine is critical. If you do good SEO for wrong keywords and for the keywords without any proper research, you will get good ranking but you will not get good business. That is the reason you must spend good time on keyword research before starting with SEO.

Get to know about SEO in detail

SEO for ranking website on top of Search Engine, you need to do two things. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. Here we will explain you about these two things in brief.

  1. On Page Optimization

The Changes you need to do in website to get better ranking in search engine result page is called On Page Optimization. The objective of this process is to make our website search engine friendly and for that we make changes in website as per search engine recommendations. This is one time activity and rarely required any changes. Sometimes we do make changes in On Page as a part of strategy.

  • Off Page Optimization

Here comes the real marketing of website. In Off Page we promote our website on web / internet. In off page activity, we try to make our website more popular on internet. There are majorly two objectives of making our website popular on internet. One is to get the visitors directly from another website and second is to bring our website more visible to search engine crawler.

Of course, On Page and Off Page will consumer lot of time and efforts. So there is one more way to get the top position in Search engine Result page and that is Paid one. Yes you raid it right, You can skip the SEO process and ask search engine to show your website on the top of Result page, but for the top placement Search engine need financial favor. If we talk particularly about Google top position then its AdWords which help you to place your website on top and you will have to pay to Google when some one clicks on your Website.

Hopefully you have understood the way you can rank your website in search engine result page. Do let us know what else you want to learn and share your thoughts on this post in below comment box.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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