Passive Income Ideas for Students and Engineers

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Are you an Information Technology Professional?

Have you ever thought of starting multiple sources of income?

Would you like to earn passive or active income online?

Have you heard people are making huge money through Blogging?

Have you ever thought to Create a Blog and make Money online ?

Then you can go ahead with this article and change your life….

Looks like you always wanted to start your one way of passive income, but it never took off. It could be because of insufficient knowledge, no proper guidance, fear of losing time and investment. In this challenging time, Jobs are uncertain, the financial situation appears difficult.

I would suggest, do not sit idle and relax. You can utilize this time to move to the next level of life. This is the time to take the challenge and do what it needs and start taking steps to create a new and bright future. This blog post will guide you on how to build a blog and live life risk-free.

Yes, my friends, I am an IT professional and even my life was full of uncertainties like yours. You might have observed switching the company and increasing the salary package is not simple like a few years back for an IT professional. You need to put a huge amount of efforts to learn new things, get the call and prepare for an interview and crack it. I have gone through this pain. But why we take this pain?

To Increase my monthly income? Right?

I chose to create an online blog and created a new path of making money than hunting for a new job. I created an additional way of earning by starting a new blog. Now I am doing my regular IT 10 to 5 job as well as I am writing for this blog. So, ultimately I created two earning sources. Today, I will share a comprehensive plan for increasing the earning source and all the details with you. So, you can also start blogging and earn additional passive income.

Blogging is far better than “Network marketing” or “Share Market”. Blogging is a more reliable and interesting way of making passive income than “Network marketing” or “Share Market”.

All you need to have the desire of making something different. Remaining I will teach you in this post.

So, let’s start the Blogger Journey…

Believe me, many professionals have started blogging and making huge income and leaving their current job. 

Few are listed below

Image Credit Quora

There is only one difference between these bloggers and you. That is, they know blogging and they are doing it and you know how to blog but you are not doing it. By the way, many of you will not trust the earnings shown above, I believe exceptions are always there…

Now based on this list of bloggers, I would suggest you start your blog on WIX. If you are thinking this post is not for you and you cannot write or create a blog, then this post will change your life for sure.

Seven Steps Of Success.  

for 100% GUARANTEED success

Step 1: Identify the Area of interest

Think of your area of interest, it could be anything like sports, travelling, music, Bollywood, dance, technology, etc. If you are interested in any area then you can start blogging in that area. Your interest will push you to write better and more articles in future. If you do not know what do you like then you are not alone. A few years back, me too was in the same situation. But I took up the challenge and started writing on Software Testing and Digital Marketing. I am a working professional and I know a lot about it. So, I decided to write on Software testing. You can also select the topic on which are working now and share the knowledge through blogging if you do not have any knowledge of any other area. 

Step 2: Select Domain for your Blog

A domain is our blog address on the worldwide web. Readers will know you by the name of your blog domain name. You will be known as the author of the blog domain. But while selecting a domain, you should consider only domain which is ending with “.com”. In technical term “.com” is called a Top-Level Domain. 

While Booking Domain Online you should consider a few points listed below

  1. Length of a domain name should not be more than 10 alphabets.
  2. Top-level domain should be “.com”
  3. Easy to spell and pronounce
  4. Should be registered for at least 5 years. If financially it is not suitable options for you then a minimum registration period should be 3 years.

If you want to understand what website domain and how to select the best suitable domain please refer our blog post What is a Domain name in a website?

Step 3: Select Hosting

Hosting is like a space on the internet, where you will place your blog. Hosting and domain go hand in hand. So, I would suggest you book a hosting from the same provider where you have booked the domain. There are some points you should remember while booking hosting like

  1. Book high-speed hosting
  2. Minimum 1 GB should be your space. 
  3. Shared type of hosting is good enough for new bloggers. Don’t go with private hosting
  4. A hosting provider should be reputed. Meaning, they should not host any adult or gambling site.
  5. Downtime of hosting provider should be as minimum as possible

You can read our blog post on Hosting to understand it in more detail

Step 4: Select Template

The template is like a pre-designed blog. So you don’t need to write any code to develop a user-friendly blog. Everything is already designed and developed. You just need to select from the set of best WIX template for the website/blog. You would be responsible only for the content which you will write in your blog. Rest everything will be taken care of by the WIX. If you have a Facebook account? Believe me, creating a blog on WIX is as simple as creating an account on Facebook.

Step 5: Writing Content

Till now we have seen about domain and hosting and template. Its time to start writing the content. Now you must be thinking of what to write? I would suggest writing a small blog post of length 400 to 500 words. When you start writing, your skills will get improve day by day. If you are writing tutorial and guides on any topic then try to use as simple as possible language. 

You can read our blog post on how to find the topics for writing a super-powerful blog.

Step 6: Promotion

Its time appear in front of your targeted audience. By the time you reach this step, you might have started getting visitors on your blog. That you can track using Google Analytics. Watch this video to understand how Google Analytics functions.  

There are different ways you can promote your blog. The important thing is all those online promotional techniques are free. Of course, if you want to do paid promotion you can do but this is an alternative to get the high number of visits in a short period. But we would suggest you get hands-on promoting your blog for free. Create the base and start making money from the blog. Then you can spend money on paid marketing.

You need not spend anything on how to promote a blog, we have created a blog post for it. Just refer the steps and you will get to know how to promote blogs.

If you would like to undergo the best Digital Marketing to promote your blog and provide digital promotion service to others then try to check the best Online SEO Training for Free.

Step 7: Advertisement

Final and most awaited movement of your blogging journey. Advertisement earning. Once you started promoting your blog you will get the visitors and once visitors are their then advertiser will put their ads on your blog and your money will start flowing.

Now, how much you can make? It’s up to you. The number of visitors will increase, your earning will increase. It’s that straight forward. 

We will write another post on the different ways of making money from a single blog. Yes, that is possible and we are doing it. That’s why we are pushing you to start a blog on WIX and rest is will be history soon.

You need to do Digital Promotion of your blog all possible ways to grow your visitor. In today’s digital world there is nothing more important for your visitors. You can get visitors by creating social channels for free. 

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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