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Learning SEO is one of the best thing which you gonna do and second best part is, it’s free. Meaning you will be learning how to make money without investment. Reading this complete blog will take barely 5 minutes. But this blog has potential to change your life from a reader to blogger / entrepreneur / start-up owner.

From your search I can easily guess, you want to learn SEO for free. Nothing wrong in it. But SEO is the second step. I will be sending you on another blog post which will explain where SEO stand in Digital Marketing. Once you get to know what SEO is and where it stands in complete Digital marketing world then this blog will make more sense to you. If you know about Digital Marketing still I would request you to visit, because I will be giving reference from shared blog.

Let’s start with Search Engine Optimization. As we discussed in our previous blog post, SEO is divided into three sections

  1. Website Optimization
  2. On Page Optimization
  3. Off Page Optimization

We have searched for SEO training Institutes in Pune in Google and checked their syllabus to cover all the topics any SEO training institutes covers in their SEO course in Pune. The complete syllabus for SEO training in as below.

1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Introduce you with importance of SEO and its components.

2. Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduce you with importance of Digital Marketing and its components

3. How Crawler Based Search Engine Works?

Explain you how search engine works, mainly crawler based. As google is crawler-based search    engine. It makes sense to learn the functionality of crawler-based search engine. It is the important topic to be learned in SEO training.

4. Important Search Engine Ranking Factors

There are more than 200 ranking factors are used as a signal in ranking. We will be learning most important search engine ranking factors which are public.

5. Search Engine Algorithm Understanding

We know, the only constant thing is change. So, Google does follow this. They update their algorithm every now and then. So, keeping track on it becomes important.  

6. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Learn the concept of Search Engine Optimization and procedure for implementing SEO.

7. Website Optimization Part – I

Website optimization includes some technical things, which we have separated in three different part so that non-technical reader can also understand it.

8. Website Optimization Part – II

9. website Optimization Part – III

10. On Page Optimization

On Page optimization is one time activity but carries around 50 % of weightage.

11. Off Page Optimization Part – I

Off page optimization is long term process and need proper guideline to keep project on track. Otherwise there are very high chance that project will miss the target. So, we are segregating complete off page in two parts. To make it clearer and more understandable.

12. Off Page Optimization Part – II

13. Google Analytics Introduction

Once you start doing SEO for your site or blog. You started getting the visitors and Google Analytics help us to understand the user behaviour on our site. This tool is very important for the progress of SEO

14. Google Search Console Introduction

How to interact with Google? Search Console can help you here.

We have created video on each of these topics to explain all the topics in detail. You just need to follow the sequence in which the videos are listed.

When you complete all the videos, the knowledge you will get is same as like you get the information in SEO training institutes across the India.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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