Manual Test Case Template Sample

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When I was fresher in an industry, I used to read many books and blogs related to testing. I was clear about the concept of testing but because of lack of real-time testing practice, I found myself clueless during testing interviews.

In this post, we will talk more about real-time test case template. Till now we have seen many post which rotates around the test cases. From those post I assume you have got the clear impression about what is the test case and why it so important?

Test Case template varies according to the organization, if you are thinking done we have any test case template standard? Yes, we do have standards for test case template. But it is not mandatory to use them. As I am saying, the different organization uses different test case template. It depends upon their practice, process, product, service, defect life cycle they are following and all. In this post, we will discuss almost all the parameters we should include in test case template. You can design your own template using any parameter out of it.

Here I have attached two Different type of Test Case Template. You can combine both of these document and create your own according to your need and requirement.

Test Case Template in Word Format

Test Case Template Sample In Excel Format

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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