Manual Test Case Structure

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The objective behind writing test cases is to identify the hidden defects and deviations from the requirement if any. If you want to have test cases which follow its objective then your test cases must have following things.
Test Case Number
It will be the unique number by which we will identify the test case.
Test Case Name
Name of the test cases. The tester should understand the basic objective of test cases from the name itself.
Test Case Description
Describe the test case and its objective. The aim of the test case and what we will gonna test during execution.
We need to mention the specific pre-condition if any required.
Test Data / Input Data
It’s always become the discussion topics in the testing process. So, it’s always better to add specific test data required for the test case.
Step Name
Give the appropriate step name to each and every step of the test case.
Step Description / Action
Describe the test step and action need to perform by the user, for getting the result from the application.
Actual Result 
This provides some space to the user where the tester can write the actual output of the application.
Expected Result
Expected result is one of the important coordinates of a test case, it is the object which help you to compare your result with the user requirement.
While writing test cases you need to have following vision with you
  • Kind of defects I want to unhide using this test case
  • When am I planning to execute it?
  • You should be able to understand the priorities within the functionality
  • How frequently are you gonna execute this test case?
  • How much it is easy to convert this test case is automated script?
  • A high-level test case of low-level test case?
  • Test case should be easy enough so that new tester can also execute it without problem
  • Make sure each test case test or validate only one thing at a time.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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