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Do you want to be a part of high demand Performance testing industry?

Are you a functional or manual testing professional and want to learn Performance testing?

Do you want to learn something which can bring you higher package and secure career?

Then this article on JMeter training online is for you. Please read it till end, this may change your entire life…

Over a period, software industry has grown up like anything and we need not to be smart to accept this. But increasing software complexity and variety of IT infrastructure makes software testing is one of the tough job. Functional Testers or Manual Test professionals are doing it prominently since decades. But manual testers or functional testers has some limitations, performing manual testing become tedious job and reduce effectiveness over the time. If you are one of them then you can understand how difficult it is to maintain quality throughout the application life.

But at the same time, functional testers get help from hundreds of testing tools available in market. Almost for every type of testing there is tool available in market. We have tools for functional as well as non-functional testing. Apache JMeter is one of the best non-functional performance testing tool used for analyzing and measuring the performance of system. Going through Apache JMeter performance testing online training will open new options for you.  

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Best career option for Manual Testers / Functional Tester

If you are experience manual tester and working with this industry with an experience more than 2 years then this is right time to go ahead and join the Performance testing training online using JMeter. This online Performance testing training also includes the JMeter and Selenium WebDriver integration.  JMeter is more in demand and its demand will increase over period. It is open source, many company are started using it to test the performance of application. JMeter professionals are getting more demand and higher packages. Company need not to give anything for buying tool as it is open source, only expense that company need to spend is resource salary. With this tool, you need not to learn complete Java language like Selenium WebDriver and you can easily jump up in your career as Non Functional Performance Test Engineer.

Performance testing further categorized as

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is practice where we check the performance of the application under various load. Here “Load” can vary system to system. For data base performance testing, having huge amount of data could be considered as load, for website performance testing huge number of visitors could be considered as load. Hopefully, my attempt to explain you is worth.

Performance testing further categorized as

As performance testing professional, we may need to perform all these type of testing. But question is how we can do this? Off course we cannot do as a part of manual testing. For performing performance testing we have dozens of tool in market. Some are paid and some are free to use. Selection of tool is done on the basis of feasibility test. Whenever we do feasibility test, JMeter and LoadRunner are always a strong participants.

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Difference between JMeter and Load Runner

Apache JMeterLoadRunner
Open Source – No licensedIt is paid tool from the MicroFocus
Support important protocolsSupport huge list of protocols
JAVA based application require JVM to runC based language
Unlimited load generation capacityLimited load generation capacity
Technically less complexDeveloped and complex
User interface in simpleRich user interface

Apache JMeter Open Source Testing Tool

The Apache JMeter is one of the leading performance testing tool and there is plenty of reason of it. As I have mentioned JMeter application is open source and 100% pure Java application. It help us to test the functionality of web application and API. At the same time it also help us measure performance of web application and API. Objective of Apache JMeter is to test the application functionality, but later it is extended to test the performance of application.

It is designed to test the different type of applications, protocols and servers. Here is the list which can be tested using JMeter

  • Web Protocols – HTTP and HTTPS
  • Java Applications , NodeJS Applications,  PHP Applications, ASP.NET Applications
  • SOAP Web services and REST Webservices
  • LDAP and FTP
  • Database
  • Mail – SMTP(S), POP3(S) and IMAP(S)
  • Native commands or shell scripts
  • TCP

Best part of JMeter is, you can achieve Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Maven.


Edureka is one of the top rated technical education providing company. Start taking Apache JMeter Online Training today and improve your technical skills. Below is complete training modules are listed for Performance testing using JMeter training online.

Module 1:

  • Performance Testing Introduction
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Why we need Non functional testing
  • Types of Non functional testing
  • Different component in performance testing

Module 2:

  • JMeter: On of the preferred tool
  • Apache JMeter Introduction
  • Different Elements of JMeter
  • How to use JMeter for Performance testing
  • Different Assertions, processors, and controllers
  • Industry Practice


  • Perform JMeter GUI based operations
  • How to add and configure different elements
  • Generate different types of test reports

Module 3:

  • What is Load testing?
  • Why we need for Load testing?
  • Purpose of Load testing
  • How to perform Load testing?
  • What is Stress testing?
  • Need for Stress testing
  • Objectives of Stress testing
  • How to perform Stress testing?


  • Using JMeter perform Load testing for
  • Using JMeter perform Stress testing for website

Module 4:

  • What is Scalability testing?
  • Purpose of Scalability testing
  • Different attributes of Scalability test
  • How to do Scalability test of an web application using JMeter
  • What is Security testing?
  • Why we need Security testing?
  • Types of Security testing
  • Methodologies used for Security testing


  • Perform Scalability testing of an application using JMeter
  • Conduct Security testing of an application using JMeter

Module 5:

  • Selenium Webdriver Introduction
  • Selenium Webdriver plugin in JMeter
  • How to create test scripts using Selenium Webdriver?
  • Adding test scripts using Selenium Webdriver Sampler
  • Execution of test scripts


  • How to Install and configure the Selenium Webdriver plugin?
  • Create, execute and validate a Selenium test scripts
  • Perform login, navigation, read and write operations on Github
  • Measure performance metrics using JMeter
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Who should attain JMeter Performance Testing Training Online?

JMeter performance testing can be beneficial and designed for following professionals

  • Manual Testing Professional
  • Software Test Automation Professional
  • Software Solution Architect
  • Application Developers
  • Fresher’s / Computer Engineering students

Features of Online JMeter Training:

We have listed some of the best features of JMeter Online Training with Edureka. All the features are designed especially for the students which are opting online training for JMeter.

  • Live instructor led online classes. 
  • 5 sessions of 3 hours each only on Weekend.
  • Real life Case Studies
  • Tests after online sessions
  • One time account and get lifetime access
  • 24 x 7 Online Support
  • Certification from Edureka
  • Community forum for all our enrolled students
  • Missed session can be viewed in the LMS or you can attend same session in next batch
  • Once enrolled, you will get lifetime access to the training material   

Sample Certificate


Enroll Now for Performance Testing Using JMeter By Edureka and increase your chances to get hired by Top Tech Companies


Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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