Why SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is important for your Business?

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Why SEO is so Important for your Small / Big / Online / Offline / New / Old Business?

Undaughtedly, you are a business man or planning to start a business soon. Or even if you are not a entrepreneur or start-up owner still this post can help you to guide some one else. SEO have some thing for everyone and that’s the beauty of SEO. Do not think it is just a weapon of marketing and can be used only by Business owner. Of course this post is more concentrates on SEO importance for business perspective.

Get to know about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Starting new business? Use SEO for Marketing.

If you are new in business, then, of course, you should use modern technology to reach to your targeted audience. SEO is something which takes time. In the early days of your business, you will have a lot of energy and funds to rotate the game of business. But over the period, you will realize business runs only on the objective. When you will be out of the comfort zone on new launching, that time SEO will give you sales support and from there you will get business. As SEO is free and always takes time to ripe the profit. We suggest you should start SEO for your business website even before the launching date appears.

Existing Settled Business? Still you need SEO.

Off course they are settled, but the only constant thing on this planet is change. So, as the industry is changing, technology is changing, the audience is changing, we need to change as per their speed. Otherwise, we have seen many examples where top-rated companies are sold out due to debt.

How small company can be benefited by SEO?

SEO is cost-effective, less investment as compared to traditional marketing, great returns on investment which is must for small organizations. So, without SEO if any small company is trying to grow then it becomes difficult.

Big organizations really need SEO?

Yes, even if you don’t do SEO and not very much convinced with this idea then let it be. If your competitors are using this platform for marketing, then you will have to. Its become part of your competition. No matter how far your competitor is standing from you. SEO is linking a big bang. No one knows when your competitor leaves you back…

Offline Business can be benefited by SEO?

Yes, even your business if offline. Considering you don’t want to go online. Its perfect. No objection. But you cant restrict your targeted audience to be offline always. Your targeted audience are using online method to search your serves / products. To serve those audience you need to be online even though you provide offline services. Your presence should be felt online.

Online Business needs SEO?

Yes, as you are in online business, meaning your entire sales is dependent on digital marketing. SEO covers around 30-40% of Digital Marketing. Gives a handsome ROI, so it becomes always safe if you start doing SEO from 1st day. SEO takes time but gives long term results, high output and great returns. Off course its time consuming, but how much time it will consume? Can you survive during that period of initial SEO days? They you should do it without excuse.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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