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Have you developed your blog or site and trying to increase the profit out of it? Have you used WordPress content management system for developing your blog? Then this blog is for you…

We have created WordPress SEO checklist with our intense experiment and listed out best tips for WordPress SEO which will bring tremendous traffic to your blog or website. Just you need to follow below listed SEO tips for WordPress and get the rank for sure.

Yoast Plugin – Considering you are familiar with WordPress development we are suggesting Yoast Plugin. Your site must have this free Plugin. Keep in mind, installing this plugin will not give you good ranking, this plugin only helps you for writing good title, good description and concentrating on keywords to target. Qualifying all the points mentioned in Yoast plugin is bit difficult but, we should try to make most of the parameter green. Also this plugin guide you for qualifying the parameter.

Title of Post – Length is 60 to 65 Characters. Keep in mind what ever you present in <Title>Title of page </Title>, Search Engine use it to present your web page on result page. Your Title will be presented in blue colour and we know very well, users clicks the web page by reading the title only. Meaning it is in our control how to present our website to the users. So, make it most attractive, simple to read, key word targeted and appealing. Yoast Plugin gives you dedicated test box to update Title of Post also it shows how it will look like in Search Engine snippet.

Meta Description – Length 200-250 Characters, Search Engine allow us to describe our product in detail. We can add targeted keyword, or we can add our unique selling point. Anything is fine as far as we are describing our product within limit.

Keyword Density – Since long it is considered as important ranking factors, but its percentage is constantly decreasing. Earlier it is considered to 5-7 percent of Keyword density is good enough but now it is as below as 1-2 percent.

Permalink – One of the best locations for placing you keyword on page. Try to keep targeted keyword within the link. Do not allow WordPress to create URL based on you Title. You title may consist of some stop words within it. If you all WordPress to convert your Title in URL then it makes no sense. Try to edit your Permalink and remove stop words from URL. Stop words meaning, the, to on, in, or, and. These words does not contribute in ranking so keep it away from your URL.

Heading – It helps for winning the users trust in one shot. As soon as users land on page they read about your Heading. Heading describes the objective of page and if it gets match with the users objective then half job is done. Rest your page content and UI will do.

Image – Always give appropriate name to image. Because Search Engine crawler does not understand what is present in Image. But they Identify the image content from the name of image.

Internal Links – User as well as Search Engine Crawler finds it useful. It helps them to run within the website. Without Internal linking indexing would be difficult for internal pages and the pages which does not have enough backlinks.

Social Sharing – A real signals to search engine. Now a days Social signals are considered as strongest ranking factor and reason is quite simple. When people talks about any company then company get popularity and fame. Same happens with website, when people talks about website on social media, then search engine thinks it is worth to bring in top because people are talking about it.

Backlinks – Considering you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization and its process. Backlink is dam important to rank in website. But it doesn’t mean you cant rank without it. You can off course rank without backlink but if your competitors are generating backlink then you will have think of it. Logic is quite simple, If the targeted keywords are not important and no one is trying to rank for the keywords then you can easily rank for that keywords without enough backlink. Just quality content is good enough for that. But if you are targeting for competitive keywords then you will have to do something extra than your competitor and then you need backlinks.

Keyword Ranking – As we have already mentioned several time Search Engine Optimization is not a technology, its an Art. And to perform it you need to evaluate more frequently. Here keyword tracking process will help you to evaluate your efforts. Ask yourself one thing, if you are progressing in wrong direction during your SEO process, who will tell you that your are going in irrelevant direction?

No one, right. But keeping track on ranking and its progress will keep you on track and you yourself can validate the path is correct or not.

Google Analytics – Once website is ready for optimization, keep in mind you need to start with Google Analytics activation on your website. Because once you start your SEO activity, Google Analytics will help you to keep a close evey on traffic, you should get the traffic from the targeted keywords, from targeted location, from targeted age and gender, from targeted devices. If anything is not as per your target then, try to correct in your next phase of SEO cycle.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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