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Since now you have understood the concept of Digital Marketing and SEO and are aware of its significance, learning about Crawler and Crawler based search engine is the first step towards Search Engine Optimization.

Why we do SEO?

To bring our website on the top of the result page when someone is searching for our services or product on Search Engine. Now for this, we need to understand ‘How Search Engine Works’. Right?

So let’s start and understand ‘How Search Engine Works’?

The entire search engine operation in divided into three important sections as listed below.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Processing & Ranking
How Crawler Based Search Engine Work? Video on YouTube


Hosting our web property on Internet:

Whenever we host our web property on hosting server, it becomes available on the internet. Which means anyone can access that web property from the internet connected browsers. Our web property could be anything like Blog, Website, Portfolio, Ecommerce Site, Social Site etc. Sometimes we don’t host it, but instead we use already hosted application like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler to create our web property. We will call them our web property irrespective of whether we have hosted It or we have created the account on already hosted sites.

What crawler does with our web property?

Crawler visits our web property using browser, in the same way a user visits and collects the information of web property and hand it over to Search Engine Database. Crawler has nothing to do with what users are searching for in search engine and what results users are getting on their screen. Crawler has only one task to perform 24*7 and that is to visit different web properties and give it to the database.

Most popular search engines like Bing, Google, Baidu, Duck DuckGo have their own database i.e. they maintain their own crawlers. Crawlers are also known as Spider, Bot, Robot in Digital marketing Industry.


In Indexing, Crawler handovers all the data they have collected during crawling process to search engine database. Database creates a file called ‘Index’ (as we see in any other text books). This index helps to identify the location of stored web pages, improving the speed of database and to give faster results.

Processing and Ranking

When any user searches for a particular term in search engine (commonly known as “Keywords”), the search engine gives result with multiple web page links. Each of these webpage brings URL, Title of that particular page and a few descriptive lines about the page. This information comes from the database. And how database gets this information? Using crawler. Got it?

Now the question is, if we are searching for keywords and database is giving us thousands of results, then how does a search engine decides the ranking? Meaning, sequence of website to present it to the user.

Search Engine uses very precise way to rank the webpage coming from database. Whatever number of web pages received by the processing unit from database, they validate each of those web pages on more than 200 factors and the web page which qualifies most of the factors ranks on the  top of the result. Web page qualifying a lesser number of factors will rank on the second position and thus the list goes on. That’s simple.

Studying, identifying, implementing and analysing these ranking factors in a website is called Search Engine Optimization.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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