Digital Marketing Syllabus 2021

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Well, you are bit lucky. At least you have heard this word “Digital Marketing”. When I started my career in Digital Marketing, that time it was not known as Digital Marketing, we used to call it as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). People have just understood the Search engine optimization process in those days, so Social Media Industry started peeping into the market. Of course, every dog has his day. Industry started looking into SEO and SMO as options to reach targeted audience. Both are strong players. Industry seems to be a matured industry, and everybody is started looking into SEO and SMO as potential business. Competition started and demand for paid promotion rises. Because SEO and SMO can be done free of cost, meaning we don’t need to spend much on SEO and SMO. Organization started spending on paid promotions. So new vertical entered in stream, Search Engine Marketing.

At current time, we don’t know anything about SEO, SMO or SEM, we know as Digital Marketing. Which is a collective term. Yes, you heard it right, there is nothing like Digital Marketing. All the time proven practice of online promotions collectively called as Digital Marketing.

So, what does Digital Marketing include?

Why you should learn these modules?

  • Search Engine Optimization

By doing SEO, you can make sure Search Engine shows your website to your audience when they search for you. Sounds like simple, right? But when Search Engine have thousands of websites selling same products as yours and search engine have very limited place on front page (around 10 result) then which website will be shown to the users? That’s the question.

So, ranking the website should not be the objective of your SEO learning, beating the strong competitor should be the target.

  • Social Media Optimization

By performing Social Media Objective, you can make sure that you are close to your audience. Keep your brand active enough on Social Media so that people should miss you when you don’t perform any activity. Whenever they need your services, your name should be the first in their list of service providers.

  • Search Engine Marketing

One of the expensive ways of doing Digital Marketing. But when we think about Expensive word it is not meant for all. There are many organizations or individuals in this world, money does not at all a matter for them. It’s just a currency to trade. So, such organization opts for this shortcut to reach the target audience. Off course, for starting or learning Search Engine Marketing you should not be a super-rich. You can start these campaigns from as low as 1 dollar. But what is ROI for your SEM activity is the matter of discussion.

As, new bees, just learn the concept first. Do not burn your hands in SEM directly. Start with SEO, SMO and then work on SEM. Because understanding of audience is important for SEM.

  • Mobile

When we call Mobile Marketing, many people think we are talking of SMS marketing. But it should not be the only case. While learning Mobile Marketing, you should consider your website ranking on mobile, response, usage, speed. Some time you may have to work on Mobile Apps, so it opens new vertical. Ranking Mobile app in Play store and promoting it through website required well thought digital marketing strategy.

  • Analytic

Web analytics is the result of your activity. No matter how you implement the Digital Marketing strategy, ultimately you need to measure the amount of response you received after implementation. Then and only then you would be able to compare the efforts and response. Analytics helps you to understand what next you should do by looking towards current progress.

  • Affiliate and AdSense

Complete learning behind the Digital Marketing is bringing the traffic to your web property. Spreading awareness, approaching to targeted audience, brand recall, etc..

You can monetize this traffic using many ways, yes there are 100s of ways to monetize the traffic on internet. Out of those 100 ways. Most common and popular and gives you outstanding return is Affiliate and AdSense. You should learn this to make some money.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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