Digital Marketing as a Career

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Why to make career in digital marketing after MBA or Graduation?

There is not double thought in saying the hottest career path of this decade is Digital Marketing. We need not to mention anything about the growth we have seen in Digital Marketing and the future of it in India. Every single person who knows about internet, mobile, computer knows about future of Digital Marketing. Learning curve, availability of classroom courses, availability of online digital marketing courses, access of internet, interest shown by many national and international institute for teaching digital marketing is contributing to this fastest growing industry.

When things come to select any career path, we give many rounds of thoughts. Discuss with friends, mentors and family members. While discussing about your career path, Digital Marketing should be one the area. As presence of Digital Marketing in India is increasing day by day and many graduate and MBA post graduates considering it as one of the option. And why not? Every business present on this plant need website for more business and to generate business from website industry needs trained digital marketing professional. If we talk about the current situation, barely 10 % to 15% business has the digital marketing as the marketing channel. Many more companies in India still considering Traditional marketing as their preferred marketing channel. But there are many loopholes in traditional marketing channel. Digital Marketing has protentional to work on those loopholes and help brand to go global in cost effective manner. Organizations are aware about this benefits of Digital Marketing and demand of digital marketing will increase day by day by all industries. This is the main reason making career in digital marketing makes sense for the graduates and MBA.

Recognized by Industry

As per Time of India articles published in Aug’14, over 8 Lakh jobs were expected to be created in Digital Marketing space in the year 2017.

Handsome Salary for Entry level

Average salary pay packs for the digital marketing freshers starts from 1.8 lacs per annum to 6 lacs per annum.

Internet Penetration in India

As per study by US media agency Zenith, India will cross 530 million smartphone users in 2018

Increasing Digital Media Spend

As per joint study performed by ASSOCHAM and KPMG, Digital Media spend in India is expected to grow at a rate of 34% and cross INR 13000 Cr in 2018.

Projected Growth

As per study performed by ASSOCHAM and Deloitte, the e-commerce industry in India is expected to grow to US$ 50 billion in 2018..

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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