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Have you ever thought of building a Bungalow or shopping complex or residential tower or just a garage? Sounds like a weird question?  No, it is not… Ok let me explain you… before that, just guess the common elements required to build these properties. If you are giving serious thought, then you will get following list.

  1. Land Parcel
  2. Construction material like cement, steel and construction worker.
  3. Blue print of property or a design of structure.
  4. Objective of structure (Here is a trick)

Your objective defines what you want to build. Your objective decides what you will construct, your objective will tell you the usage of building. Your objective will decide who and how this construction will be used. Right?

Meaning, irrespective of your objective, there are some elements, which are common. Like land parcel, cement, steel, water, construction workers, right? So, can we say that end results differ based on the objective of building and things required to build that building is same. Got it? Done. You got the Idea. Now let’s get out of real estate world (I hate this industry because I can’t afford it -:) ) and move to Internet world ( Love this industry because I feel like a rich because I know it) along with this example.

Now, let’s decide what you want to build? Website or blog or e-commerce site or portfolio or social site? Ok. Done?

Here I have created list of material required for building the web property.

  1. Hosting
  2. Domain
  3. Content Management System (Language)
  4. Objective

Get to know about Domain in Detail

From the above list, first three elements like Hosting, Domain and CMS are common of all type of objective. Meaning Whatever you want to build based on your objectives you need Hosting (Compare it with Land Parcel) and Doman Name (Name of Building) and Content Management system (Construction Material) now only differs is the objective of your web property. I hope you have understood till now. Now let us discuss some typical objectives I have seen so far in my career.


Use it when you want to promote your products or services. If you have limited product then website is best options for you. It has limitations over pages. It is like your menu card. You can’t ask your visitor to hold and order from 1000 pages menu card. Can you?


Use it when you want to share your knowledge or Ideas. No word limit no posts limit… Write it the way you want, the way you think, the way you wish… Its your platform. Present your real Image and your visitors will definitely like it.


Develop your own portfolio when you have something to present and not to write… Like photography, painting, rangoli, mehandi or something which can not be express by just words… If you are not familiar with Rangoli and mehandi words, then just google it and go to Images. You will be amazed to see it.


When you have thousands of products and want to sell it online then there is not others way than using Ecommerce site. It has everything which his required to sell the products. Like logistic, payment, order management support. Once you develop Ecommerce site then you can accommodate any number of products in it. Just you need space on hosting.

Social Site

Have objective to contribute to the society and simultaneously create a big company then it is good option…


Irrespective of your objective you need hosting space on internet to place you web property, domain name to identify the web property in the crowded market and CMS to build the web property. And based on your objective you can decide what you want to build, if you have above three things you can build anything.

Share The Knowledge. It Grows !!!

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